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Economic Development & Infrastructure
A. Examples of infrastructure improvement projects completed
- Northwest Highway
- Centerville Road
- Broadway Boulevard (Centerville to Broadway) - in progress
- Gatewood Lane

B. Street Reconstruction
- Commonwealth Dr
- Plymouth to Williamsburg Ivy Way
- Foliage Drive to Thistle Drive

C. Alley Reconstuction
- Mayflower/Mint - Gatewood to Glengarry
- Mint/Solitude - Glengarry to Peaceful
- Peaceful - Peaceful/Solitude to Tranquility
- Peaceful/Solitude - Mint to Tarry

D. Asphalt Rehabilitation
- Gatewood Road - Broadway to Oakwood

E. DART Patrons Facilities Upgrades
- 13 new bus stop pads and/or covered shelters

F. IH 635/LBJ East Sound Wall Completed
- LaPrada to Centerville

G. Streetlight Upgrades to LED
- Major arterial and residential

H. Economic Development
- 33 Certificates of Occupancy issued in 2016
- New, renovated or expanded businesses

Please join me in welcoming these new businesses to South Garland!
• Golden Chick - 3330 Broadway Blvd.
• Chicken Express - 3300 Broadway Blvd.
• Smile Best Dental & Orthodontics - 780 E. Centerville, Suite 100
• Broadway Pharmacy - 3334 Broadway Blvd., Suite 412
• Chili’s
• Meineke
• McDonald’s
• Garland Independent Pharmacy
• Wendy’s
• Indoor Soccer
• Cybernut Solutions
• Family Dollar
• Aseguranza Insurance
• Rev Car Wash 2
• Texas ER Facility






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